We are a healthcare IT solutions company owned by Africans for Africa. We exist to offer dynamic client oriented solutions that suit the Africa market. Our headquarters is in Nairobi, Kenya.

Our methodologies are based on design thinking that allows us to deliver solutions that are geared for you and your specific need. We emphasize early and fast delivery so your products or services can reach the market sooner. We believe in continuous improvement so we will always continue perfecting your product or service as technologies adapt and improve.

We strive to understand our clients better and match them with the best possible solution for their need.

Our company functions in a forward thinking way that allows us to engage with experts and specialists form all over the world.

We aim to fill the gaps that exist in the healthcare industry ultimately improving efficiency, effectiveness and reach of our clients. This ultimately provides the best experience for the patient who is the major player in healthcare and they reason why we are.

At SysPharma we tackle all areas of need, continuous professional development (CPD), document management, remote audit preparation, electronic medical records, resource management, medical asset tracking, medical staff on-boarding, occupational health and safety monitoring tools and many more.

Our team is ready to help, reach out to us today and find a solution that fits your needs.